MorphoNet is a novel concept of web-based morphodynamic browser to visualise and interact with complex datasets, with applications in research and teaching.

MorphoNet offers a comprehensive palette of interactions to explore the structure, dynamics and variability of biological shapes and its connection to genetic expressions.

By handling a broad range of natural or simulated morphological data, it fills a gap which has until now limited the quantitative understanding of morphodynamics and its genetic underpinnings by contributing to the creation of ever-growing morphological atlases.

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How to cite this work : Morphonet can be used to visualize interactively and to generate pictures and movies for a variety of data types. When using Morphonet and the underlying data in a publication, please cite both the Morphonet paper published in and the source of the 3D (+t) data visualized, which can be found in the metadata of each dataset.

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